How can I stay safe at work?

Your employer is ultimately liable for keeping you safe in the workplace, and they are responsible for undertaking certain measures to ensure your health and safety, however there are some checks that you can carry out to ensure they’re doing all they can.

1. First Aid

There needs to be a first aid kit within easy reach and all staff members should know where this is. The location of first aid kits should be clearly shown with signs throughout the workplace.

2. Good Lighting

The workplace needs to have good enough lighting to undertake work related tasks. It shouldn’t be too dim so that you need to strain your eyes and similarly it should not be too bright as to cause headaches etc.

3. Good Temperature

The temperature at the workplace should never fall below 16 degrees Celsius and should not be uncomfortably hot either.

4. Good Ventilation

Good ventilation is necessary for every workplace, although in some it may not be as easily accessed. If you are unable to open a window when you need to then you should be allowed to step outside every now and again for fresh air. Discuss this with your employer and take advantage of opportunities to step outside as this can be beneficial to your health and your productivity at work.

5. Cleaned Often?

Is your office clean and tidy and do you feel it’s cleaned often enough? Depending on the environment it may need cleaning once a week, twice a week or more often. If you don’t feel it’s cleaned often enough then talk to your employer about it.

6. Do You Have Control?

Certain things should be within your control, things like heating, ventilation, height of your chair, position of your computer screen etc. The control you have depends on the workplace, but ensure that you are comfortable and that these things can be easily adjusted if necessary.

7. Sufficient Space?

Do you have enough space in your work area to comfortably undertake your allocated tasks? If not you should discuss this with your employer.

8. Easy Supply of Water.

You should be able to access drinking water easily with sufficient facilities for staff. This can be in the form of safe, drinkable tap water or a water cooler. If you don’t have either of those then talk to your employer.

If any of the above criteria are not met in your workplace then you have a right to ask it of your employer. If your employer refuses on unreasonable grounds to meet any of the above standards then your workplace is not as safe as it could be. If this is the case then please call Dalgarno Solicitors on 0845 250 0759 for free legal advice.


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