Getting the right information: Pothole Claims

If you have an accident as a direct result of a pothole in the road then you could be entitled to compensation. Vehicles can often lose control when riding over a pothole or swerving to avoid them, so it’s important that you know what information to gather at the scene as long as you are fit and able.

1. How long has it been there?
If this is a road you travel often then you may have seen the pothole before or you may know someone who has seen it previously. Potholes are often reported to local councils by members of the public, but sometimes they aren’t reported or fixed for weeks or even months at a time. This can obviously lead to accidents and injuries. The longer the local council leaves it untreated, the more risk they are inflicting on road users, so it helps to know how long they have neglected it.
2. How deep is it?
You need to know how deep the pothole is so wherever you can, take measurements. If you don’t have a ruler or a tape measure then use your hand or a standard sized pen to scale. Take a picture of your hand or pen etc next to the pothole.
3. How wide is it?
Again, if you don’t have a measuring device use a scale. Make sure you take a picture of the pothole with something to use as a scale.
4. The pothole’s position in the road.
Take a few photographs using wider angles that will help determine the exact location of the pothole. Make sure you take a picture from a variety of angles and include things in the background that might help determine the exact location, i.e. parking bays, bollards, phone boxes etc.
5. Supporting evidence.
As with any road accident it is important to note and photograph any damage caused to your bike, your belongings and anything else that was damaged as well as any injuries you sustained. You should also note the time of your accident and as usual, get witness details where possible.
If you’ve had an accident on the road due to a pothole or poorly managed road surface then you could be entitled to compensation. Gather what information you have regarding the accident and call our specialised team on 0800 6 300 301. Remember, the information you gather at the scene could determine whether you have a claim or not!

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