Been ill on holiday?

Dalgarno Solicitors now deal with holiday claims if you’ve been made sick while abroad.

Unfortunately some holidays don’t go as planned and sometimes you can become ill due to unsanitary conditions. In the event of getting sick as a direct result of poor conditions at your hotel, pool, or by food poisoning, you can make a claim.

You may want to make a claim for medical expenses; in some serious cases people may need hospital care and medication, and health care abroad can sometimes be costly if you haven’t taken out travel/health insurance.

In some cases you may be able to claim part or all of the cost of your holiday if you time away has been hindered by your illness.

With these types of claims it always helps if you take photographs of the poor conditions you believe could have affected your health and obviously keep all the information regarding your holiday, including hotel contact information or restaurant information if it’s not attached to your hotel. If you holiday was booked as part of a package deal it is also useful to keep information of your booking agency.

If you believe you have a holiday illness claim then call us on 0845 250 0759 or email details of your claim to


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