Would you know what to do in an accident?

Dalgarno Solicitors have a branch exclusively dedicated to two wheel accident claims and Sorrymate.com will soon be launching a brand new app designed to help you in the event of an accident. Along with keeping you up to date on all the latest industry news, if you have an accident, the app will prompt you to gather the correct information, photographs and witness testimonials at the scene to support your claim. Not only is this app useful for bikers and cyclists, but it can be useful for drivers too as the information you need to gather in an accident to support your claim is often similar if not the same.

The accident reporter is specific to your accident type, i.e. diesel spill accidents, pothole accidents, standard collision etc. and will ensure that you gather all of the information needed to strengthen your claim and generally speed up the process of making the claim. Once you have uploaded the pictures, witness testimonials and other relevant information you can upload it to us with one simple click. Once we have your information we can contact you to discuss your claim and we will already have the information we require.


Record accident type

App allows you to record a specific accident type. Each type will then prompt you to record relevant information tailored to your accident.

Witness reports

Our app will allow you to take a photograph of any witnesses, take down their contact details and a report from them using our voice recorder. This 

information will be sent to us and we can use it as evidence and contact them if we need further information.

Record police detailsImagepp, 

You have a right to know what police report about your incident, so on our app you have the ability to record the details of officers who are at the scene and what they report. This again will be sent to us so we can corroborate it with the official report.

Call button

At any point and on all screens there will be a red phone icon which will put you straight through to us. You can call us from the scene to ask for assistance with the app, or to record information directly to us.

Receipt tracker

You can take pictures of receipts for your bike or any equipment you wear or take out with you. This helps us to claim for the full amount of your damaged equipment or bike. As soon as you buy a new bike or new equipment you can take a picture of the receipt.

Helpful safety tips

You will sent notifications whenever we publish new articles on our site which could include industry news articles or safety tips.

The app will be available to Apple and Android users in the coming weeks. Watch this space for further updates!


We’re Hiring an ID solicitor!

In addition to an RTA solicitor we are also looking for an ID solicitor preferably with experience. Please send your covering letter and CV to adele@dalgarnosolicitors.co.uk or call 0845 250 0759.

We’re hiring! Join Our Team!

Dalgarno Solicitors is expanding and will soon be looking for a new solicitor to join our team based in Warrington! We are hiring a solicitor to work in our specialised bike RTA claims department, Sorrymate so would prefer a biker with RTA experience.

If you are interested in joining our team of specialist personal injury solicitors call 0845 250 0759 or email Elaine@dalgarnosolicitors.co.uk with a CV and covering letter.

Your Job Could Be Damaging Your Health!

Your employer has a legal duty to keep you safe in the workplace, but time and time again people suffer from work related illnesses due to employer’s negligence.

These illnesses can be anything from occupational deafness or tinnitus, asbestos related illnesses, occupational asthma, vibration white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome or anything else you suspect to have contracted as a result of work.

If you are unsure about the origins of your illness you can go to your doctor, and if it is related to a current or past job, you can make a claim.

We are also looking for people who used to work at any of the following companies to help support and give evidence for people already in the process of claiming against them:

British Tobacco American Company Limited

American Tin (UK) Company Limited /Reads Limited

Crown Packaging UK Limited

 Cammell Laird Shipbuilding Limited

George Wimpey Limited

Newforge Foods Limited/Parrish & Fenn Limited

Central Tin Containers Limited

Metal Box Limited

Ellesmere Port Insulation Company Limited

Dalgarno Solicitors are assisting former employees of these companies in pursuing their claims for noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing noises in your ears) which has been caused by no fault of their own.

If you would like to assist in providing evidence of noise exposure then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Industrial Disease team.  Your evidence may be crucial to the claims that we are pursuing.

We also offer FREE hearing tests if you believe that your hearing has been affected by noise exposure during the course of your employment. We may still be able to pursue if the company is not longer trading.

Smaller Injury Payouts: Setting The Record Straight

Much is being written in the press and on many websites about new legislation recently introduced for personal injury claims and how this will affect the innocent victim. At Dalgarno Solicitors we would like to explain exactly what has happened and how it affects each accident victim.

It is true that since 1st April 2013 solicitors get a vastly reduced amount per claim pursued. It is true that in order to make up the difference solicitors are now allowed to claim up to 25% of the compensation they recover for the victim of a road traffic accident. This is called a success fee and many of them are charging the maximum of 25%. This obviously means that the client will receive less than they would have received before the changes were made.


At Sorrymate we believe that your money is yours so where, unfortunately, we have been forced to make some changes, we maintain that we will claim no more than 15% of the compensation amount to cover our fees, making us one of the cheapest solicitors around.


Fergus Dalgarno, founder and owner of Dalgarno Solicitors said “over the coming months and maybe longer there will be many articles written about compensation claims and what everyone should and should not do. The fact remains that everyone has the right to choose their own solicitor, and here at Dalgarnos, we are independent and our 15% policy beats the majority of other solicitors’ claims. It is that simple”.

If you want to know more about how these new laws could affect you, feel free to call us on 01925 643 688 or email info@dalgarnosolicitors.co.uk.

Motorcycle Road Accident Statistics

freeimage-5533710-webIt’s no surprise to most bikers that they’re the most vulnerable road users, but shocking new statistics have recently been released that has had many of us question why more isn’t being done.

The government have many initiatives around, including the popular “Think Bike, Think Biker” campaign, but bikers are apparently still 40 times more prone to road and traffic accidents than any other road user. Again, it isn’t surprising that it is in fact other road users who are primarily responsible for accidents involving bikers, and not the bikers themselves.

The majority of road users usually assume things such as filtering or overtaking are the main cause of accidents if not done safely, however these types of accidents only account for 15% of the total number. A shocking 38% of accidents are caused by Highway Code violations made by other road users, which is leading many to believe that there should be stricter measures undertaken during driving tests.

Recently a poll found that the majority of people believe that not enough training is given to new drivers about motorcyclists on the road. Current driver training is lacking specifics about how other road users may have an effect on car drivers and they therefore do not spend enough time looking for bikers or giving proper signals. One major example of this is when a driver changes lanes without signalling or seeing a biker who may be attempting to overtake. These types of cases are all too familiar but they can be prevented.

The most shocking statistics, however, are that in 2012 there were over 25,000 bikers injured, 585 of which were fatal cases with the most vulnerable bikers are those aged 21-25. Although motorcycle related accidents only account for 1% of the total road accidents, bikers accounted for 20% of road deaths last year.

Here at Dalgarno Solicitors (incorporating SorryMate.com), we believe more can be done to raise awareness of this vulnerability. Many bikers around the country have been supporting the campaign for more biker orientated training for new car drivers as well as helping to publicise government backed initiatives to help keep you safe. Unfortunately, there will always be idiots on the road, so as many of you will be back on your bikes as we head into spring be cautious and ensure you’re seen.

If you want more information on road and traffic accidents and how to avoid them, or what to do in the event of an accident, Dalgarno Solicitors and SorryMate.com can provide free talks to bike clubs all around the country. For more information email paul@sorrymate.com.

Potholes Could Cost Us £10.5 Billion!

A large pothole in Whitepit Lane, Newport, Isl...

A large pothole in Whitepit Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight seen in February 2010. It was caused partly due to very cold weather during January 2010 causing water to freeze and cracks to form in the road surface. The damage has now been repaired. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new survey has been conducted on Britain’s roads which states that it could cost up to £10.5 billion to repair the roads across the country. Millions complain of potholes causing damage to their vehicles and, sadly, they can and do lead to accidents.

The government has given councils up and down the country over £3 billion to repair damaged road surfaces, but many think that not enough has been done.

The survey suggested that a third of drivers have suffered vehicle damage as a result of the poor road conditions. Nothern Island, Wales and London got the best score from residents taking part in the survey, and the worst areas were Scotland, Yorkshire and Humber.

If you have received any vehicle damage or had an accident due to a pothole then call SorryMate.com on 0800 6 300 301. We can help you get the compensation you deserve and help push the council to repair the roads so it doesn’t happen again!